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Jerez Mexican Restaurant

Our History

Platon Peña Delgado and his family, along with his wife and co-owner Martha Acosta Ramirez, and their children, opened a restaurant called “Restaurant Jerez” which is a Mexican seafood restaurant. They saw an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a restaurant and also to bring new life to a neglected building in the community. They had to work hard for months to open this restaurant. The restaurant began its soft opening in late 2022.

The menu at Restaurant Jerez is seafood-focused, which is a unique and exciting aspect of the restaurant. The menu includes a wide variety of soups, shrimp, tilapia, mojarra, red snapper, frog legs, tacos and traditional plates such as fajitas, carne asada a la zamora and tampiqueña de res. The restaurant also has an alcohol license, which means that they can serve cocktails, beer, wine, and seltzers to their customers. The drinks menu is carefully curated to complement the seafood dishes and to provide a complete dining experience for the customers.

The Peña Delgado family is committed to providing good service, quality food, and a welcoming atmosphere to their customers. They understand that the past owners of the building had a bad reputation, and they are on a mission to restore the community’s trust. They want to be known for providing a great dining experience and for being a positive presence in the neighborhood. They are dedicated to making sure that their customers are treated well and respected, and that they have a great time while they are at the restaurant.

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